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Affordable ATV's promotes safe and responsible riding. We recommend that you take the time to read over these warnings in addition to your owner's manual, and always ride responsibly

Always wear a D.O.T. approved helmet, eye protection, riding gloves and boots. Safety should always come first when ridding any motor vehicle

Wear riding pants, or jeans and a long-sleeved shirt to avoid injury from branches or plants, and to avoid the damaging rays of the sun

Be sure to keep your feet on the footrests at all times, as they can be injured by the unpredictable terrain

Always secure anything you may carry on your ATV's cargo racks

Always fasten your cargo as low as possible to retain a lower center of gravity, and to reduce the risk of a rollover

Never exceed the recommended load weight and tow capacity of your ATV. Doing this will cause your ATV to handle differently, as it will change the vehicles center of gravity, and may cause unsafe riding conditions

Before riding, make sure to look over your vehicle to verify it's in proper operating condition. Check fluid levels, tire pressure, nuts and bolts, and take a general overlook of the vehicle

If you can't see the terrain ahead, slowing down is your best option. Low visibility and unpredictable terrain can cause disastrous results

Be aware of your environment!! Always be on the lookout for oncoming terrain changes and obstacles such as holes, logs, boulders, wire and other hidden dangers

Never ride your ATV up a slope or embankment that is too steep to walk up. This will severely increase your chance of a roll over

Study the owner's manual carefully. Keep in mind all the useful tips and advisories listed in the book. They are not there to limit your fun, they are there to make you aware of the inherent danger involved when riding an off road vehicle

This Bike is designed for recreational use only! It was not built or intended for stunt riding, racing or any other form of competition

Safe operation of this bike is dependent upon the operator's ability to exercise proper judgment

Be sure you service and maintain your ATV as per the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. Warranties can be voided if your unit fails do to lack of proper maintenance. This will also insure proper operation of your vehicle for many years to come

Never carry passengers. Our ATVs are designed for a single rider only

Never ride your ATV on paved roads, they are designed for OFF ROAD USE ONLY!!

Never let a child ride any size ATV without adult supervision

Never leave your keys in an unattended ATV!!! Children rarely anticipate the dangers of there actions, and would not hesitate to start and attempt to ride your ATV